St. Effie Candle

St. Effie™ Prayer Candle – White House Edition


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Here she is!! FINALLY, after two years of insanity, St. Effie™ has an official White House edition to carry us through to 2020. Regardless of who/what/where you are on the political landscape, I think you can agree we need nothing short of a miracle to get Washington D.C. back on track.

Just like the original St. Effie™ prayer candle, the label features foil accents and is applied to each candle by hand and prayed over before shipping off via Priority Mail. Send one to every person you know who gives a damn and let’s put the power of collective prayer to work!

To be the most economical for mailorder, St. Effie™ is s sent using flat rate shipping through USPS.

Copyright Heather Hopkins Berndt


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