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St. Effie™ Prayer Candle – 3 pack


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And all God’s people said…WTF?

Just admit it. You occasionally use the F-word when life gets a little nuts. Why suffer more than you need to? St. Effie was born during one of those weeks when I had one more thing happen that simply sent me over the edge. When I yelled at my Lady of Guadeloupe candle to “Give me an F-ing break!” I knew a star was born.

Each candle label features foil accents and is applied by hand and blessed by the pope. Okay, maybe not that last part, but who knows? Either way, trust me when I say that YOU and every person on your gift list needs one of these lovely ladies because she gets the job done, although not always how you expect it.

To be the most economical for mailorder, Effie is sold as a 3 pack using flat rate shipping through USPS.

Copyright Heather Hopkins Berndt


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