What is SoulCollage®?

IMAG0806-1-1SoulCollage® is a process for accessing the deep wisdom of your subconscious by harnessing the powers of  intuition, image and imagination. Using the simple tools of found images, scissors, glue and cardstock you will “listen to the symbols of your soul” and create a personal deck of cards to guide you towards a deeper understanding of self and overall sense of wholeness. Best of all, no special skills are required and it is fun! Anyone can do SoulCollage® and experience the benefits.

Developed nearly 20 years ago by Seena K. Frost, SoulCollage® is practiced worldwide and there are over 2000 facilitators in dozens of countries. When I was introduced to the process in 2012, I was blown away by the healing gifts my soul had to give me. Needless to say, I knew I needed to share it with others! In June 2013 I earned certification as a SoulCollage® Facilitator from Seena Frost and am proud to carry on her work by offering workshops integrating this transformative process in support of spiritual growth and creative peacemaking.

To learn more about this wonderful journey of healing and community visit SoulCollage® online.