A BIG GOAL for Soulativity in 2017 is the creation of online retreats for folks in recovery who want to explore new paths for deepening their spirituality. By new paths I’m talking creative arts, mindfulness meditation, body movement, poetry writing and other expressive arts. Since I’m someone who often needs a deadline to get things done, I challenged myself to create this FREE 7-day online retreat as a way to get me into some much-needed ACTION! 

How It Works

  1. The material for the retreat is available beginning March 21 (happy solstice!) and you can SIGN UP any time to be placed on the list. The material will be available until May so even if you sign up AFTER March 21 you can still participate.
  2. Once the retreat begins you will receive 5 days of emails delivered right to your Inbox.
  3. Each email will include one guided activity for exploring the relationship with your Inner Sponsor, the wise part of you that knows the way and is a guide you can trust.
  4. BONUS!!! When you SIGN UP early you will also receive a link for a FREE STEP ONE ACTIVITY GUIDE to get you in the groove!

So, are you ready? Then click the button below to join the fun!