Bust a move

Bust a move

Like many of you, I have spent the last few days reflecting on 2013 and setting an intention for 2014. I’ve sat in contemplation, painted, cut, glued, journaled, stretched, danced and spent time in nature. Many of these activities happened during the day in my little office whenever I needed a break from the computer or late at night after one of my 12-hour days. Thank goodness I have learned that God is available to me in 60 second disco dance parties and 2 minute canvas sessions!

A gift of these practices is the opportunities they provide for ever-so-brief visits to a “thin place,” a moment or space of deep connection with the divine. In these slivers of distraction we get to hear God’s voice, See God’s face, and touch God’s beauty like no other time. As part of my intention setting process I’ve been collecting these moments in a little imaginary cup and paying attention to what is revealed.

With time a theme of gratitude emerged. My angel card was gratitude; My Zena Moon candle was gratitude; I pasted an image of gratitude on my vision board; and my SoulCollage® card for the year is the one shown here. I call this card “Bustin’ a Move” for short, because of the cage, but the long form is “I am one who has courage to let go of false securities and sing my song through bold choices that lead to unfolding sweetness, joy and gratitude.” So I guess my intention for 2014 is set: gratitude.

Are you visiting thin places in this season of renewal? Would you like to join with others on the path to wholeness? Join me for a SoulCollage® class and discover the wisdom of the thin places within.



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